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Jump to main content nature. Com homepage publications a-z index browse by subject my account submit manuscript register subscribe publishing partnerships login cart search advanced search pediatric research journal home > archive > regular articles > full text > figures and tables figures and tables from: varicella-associated thrombocytopenia: autoantibodies against platelet surface glycoprotein v jennifer l r mayer and diana s beardsley back to article figure 1. Immunoblotting results of sera from varicella-infected patients. A unique 85-kd antigenic site was identified by sds-page when normal control platelets were incubated with sera from three patients with varicella infection (lanes b, c, and d). This band was not observed when control serum was used (lane a). Full figure and legend (105k) figure 2. Results of immunoblotting studies with platelets subjected to disulfide reduction. The 85-kd band was observed when patient serum was incubated with both nonreduced (nr) and disulfide-reduced(r) platelet proteins (lanes c and d). Full figure and legend (129k) figure 3. Results of immunoblotting experiment with varicella-infected patient's serum after thrombin digestion of the target platelets. There was no anti-igm binding to 85- or 69. viagra for sale buy viagra buy viagra online cheap viagra online buy viagra online buy viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra 5-kd proteins (lane b). Full figure and legend (131k) table 1 - clinical history and laboratory evaluation of patients with varicella-associated thrombocytopenia. Full table (96k) back to article top this journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the committee on publication ethics. Pediatric research issn : 0031-3998 eissn : 1530-0447 © 2012 international pediatric research foundation, inc. About npg contact npg accessibility statement help privacy policy use of cookies legal notice terms nature jobs nature asia nature education rss web feeds search: partner of agora, hinari, oare, inasp, orcid, crossref and counter. Ia - pancytopenia - anemia - thrombocytopenia 1 location available treating patients with high-grade glioma with ia carboplatin-based chemotherapy, with or without sodium thiosulfate conditions: brain and central nervous system tumors - thrombocytopenia 3 locations available phase i study of eltrombopag for promoting thrombopoiesis in patients undergoing stem cell transplantation after total body irradiation conditions: thrombocytopeni.
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